About Heather

Who I am:

I am a Daughter of the King, a Wife to Matt, a Mom to three girls, and a born-raised Minnesotan.

Why I’m passionate about helping you fix your money problems

My husband and I came across Dave Ramsey in 2014. I became a quick advocate for his steps and we dug deep to pay off over $45,000 in 11 months. With statistics like 76% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck or 52% of baby boomers having less than $10,000 save for retirement, I  grew passionate about personal finance.

My dream

My goal is to help every American family understand their finances, stop competing with the Joneses and live their best life! Join me as I share our story, tips to save a few bucks and offer tools to help you get ahead.

Say goodbye to money trouble.

Say hello to financial freedom and a happier life.

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